About me

Hello and Namaste!


My name is Ubahang. I have always drawn ever since I could remember, scratching away in the corner with a piece of chalk, much to my mothers dismay... I was raised in a quiet, sleepy village in the foothills of Eastern Nepal, with lush green paddy fields and the intense sweet smell of nature, growing and giving. Life was my Grandmothers stories... hide and seek that lasted ages, climbing tamarind and mango trees and flying newspaper kites on windy days.


We all come from nature and to nature we will one day return. I love the concept of belonging to nature and its boundless microcosms drawing inspirations from it, in moments of solitude and deep introspections. Every day ordinary events are filled with extraordinary moments, some magical, some whimsical, some real and some absurd…all of which I keep a close eye out for, I find immense meaning and truth in them. In my own way I try to express them hoping to understand and make just a little bit more sense of the world. 


So welcome to my crazy take on the world, Its mine as well as yours.